• Consultation Service for Foreign-related Business
  • Management consultation and operation plan making
  • Provide enterprises and institution of all sorts with information and resources of domestic and overseas contractors, and services like scheme planning, policy consultation and management consultation in regard to the planning, design, construction and hotel management, etc.
  • Technology consultation and scheme collection
  • Provide services such as foreign trade agency service and foreign tax consultation under the technology introduction.
    Provide consultation services concerning scheme collection, appraising and electing for bidding and tendering projects of all sorts.
  • Investment consultation and feasibility study
  • Provide foreign investors with the consultation service in their investment projects, including investment opportunities, market survey, feasibility study, project evaluation, and company setup, etc.
    Undertake businesses as property right transfer of state-owned assets, namely enterprise merger and acquisition, assets re-organization and relevant consultations.
    Provide marketable operation of such industries as public utilities, hygiene and education with a complete process of investment service, including investment & financing consultation, scheme design of investment attraction and relevant implementation.
  • Some major projects we have done:
  • 1.Restructuring planning of hospital project.
    2.The overall planning of the renovation project of the Shanghai Great World.
    3.Business recruiting and consultation service of West Island of Lingang New City Center.
    4.Consultation service for operation of information system in Shanghai HongQiao Business Zone.
    5.Consultation service for franchising of Shanghai PuDong Ramada Hotel.
    6.Consultation service for operation and management of Shanghai Millennium HongQiao Hotel.
    7.Consultation service for the engagement of hotel management company for Shanghai RuiJin Hotel.
    8.Consultation service for the collection of service suppliers in the exhibiting aid project of 2010 Shanghai Expo.
    9.Business consultation service for National Exhibition Complex.

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