• Service for International Goods Trade
  • Foreign Trade Trusteeship:
  • Lack of operators for the import & export practice,some enterprises,who have got the permit to do foreign trade business, are still not able to carry out the operation by themselves, In this field.The foreign trade trusteeship business provides these enterprises with relevant services,including import and export cost estimate,documents production of all sorts, application for licenses and certificate of origin, export goods consignment,credit available by negortiation,application for the processing trade manual and its cancellation after verification.This service enables these enterprises to forcus their efforts on business development,with the trivial practical operations conducted by our professionals.
  • Foreign Trade Consultation:
  • Foreign trade consultration orients to enterprises who have got the right for foreign trade,and equipped with relevant operators,but lack of practical ability and experience. As foreign trade consultant for these enterprises,we provide them with instructions to specific practical manipulations on how to produce documents,classify the goods correctly,apply for processing trade manual,and conduct practices in contormity with relevant policies,deal with the surplus material,statues and criterions at the Customs,taxation bureaus,and Administrations of Foreign Exchange,and thus prevent them from losses due to mis-practices.
  • Imports & Exports Business
  • The company has a team of professionals who are well-experienced in import &export business for several decades, and has been long-term engaged in every means of import and export business such as general trade,processing trade,transit trade and so on. We are extremely rich experienced in the negotiation for letter of credit settlement,transferring of the letter of credit, bank financing by the letter of credit settlement of exchange,applying for every kind of foreign trade certificate such as import and export permit and certificate of origin, applying for and cancellation after verification of the processing trade manual that needed in processing with supplied materials or imported materials,and handing of the surplus materials.The Annual imports and exports value exceeds 200 million US Dollars.
  • Major Products:
  • Healthcare Products &foods: Foods,plants extracts of all sorts,health products,etc.
    Electric equipment:Electric devices,original slice of the integrated circuit,controlling cabin of the elevator etc.
    Textiles:Garments fabrics,towels,blankets,and other bedding products.
    Light industrial products:Luggages,shoes,hats,motorbikes,tires,lamps and lanterns,hardware tools,furniture and Christmas gifts,etc.
    Engineering Products:Printing machine,goods shelf,mechanical equipment,spare parts and fittings of all sorts.
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