• Service for International Goods Trade
  • Our Advantages In Import & Export Service
  • 1.Good credit standing,the concept of “the clients are the holiest”,and the ideology of everything serving the clients, all these makes our basic drive to deal with the import & export agency businesses.
    2.The company has formed good cooperation and close communication with governmental functional departments,namely the Shanghai Mulniciple Commerce Commission, the Customs,the Bureau of Commodities inspection,the Shanghai Administration of Foreign Exchange,and the banks,for many ages,which makes solid guarantee for us to act as the agency for the import &export businesses.
    3.There are senior specialists and personnel in the import & export businesses who are familiar with the documents production,booking space,Customs declaration, verification after examination,and tax rebates.Their experience in the import & export businesses agency for several decades makes solid footstone for us to deal with businesses of the style.
    4.Reasonable charges,solutions of paying the tax rebates for the clients,the pledge of not occupying funds for the clients,and the commitment of paying within three working days,all these are the effective measures we’ve taken to deal with the import & export business agency.
    5.Informationalized management system of the foreign trade operations stands as the powerful support for our good quality in dealing with the import & export business agency.
    6.We abide by the business credit for all the time,comply with the principle of no violation of client’s resource and protect information of all the business content for ourside.Clients’ interest can be ensured by the flexible way of issuing transferable L/C.And we also commit to feed back all sorts of policy and market information in time.
    7.Foreign trade trusteeship and relevant consultation,two creative businesses of the company,makes a win-win action we’ve taken to help enterprises who have acquired the right for foreign trade,but temporarily have no professionsl operators,of who have got professional operators but don’t know how to conduct the manipulation. We provide them with the practical operations service and consultative instructions regarding the import & export businesses,and thus make the service more effective,saving and professional.
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