• Service for International Technology Trade
  • Offering agency service for all sorts of technology import and export
  • According to requirements of the clients in domestic or overseas,our company recommends or seeks partners for them, offers help and participates in contract negotiation concerning technology import and export. Contract will be submitted to the government department for application and registration for clients. We also pay or receive foreign currency and make tax declaration and other related issues for clients.
  • Offering agency service for equipments import and export under the engineering project
  • According to requirements of the equipments importer and exporter, our company participates in business negotiation and undertakes all sorts of works about equipments import including acting as an agency to apply import application, making payment based on the contract, issuing the L/C, dealing with inspection, transportation and foreingn exchange verifying and writing-off and other related works.
  • Part of the major projects we have done:
  • 1.Technology import for the design of Shanghai LuJiaZui International Financial Plaza.
    2.Technology import for the concept scheme of urban plan for Shanghai XuJiaHui Business Zone.
    3.Technology import for the overall development plan for the II phase of the Bund in Shanghai.
    4.Technology import for the design of multimedia show in the China Pavilion in 2010 Shanghai Expo.
    5.Technology import for the research of intelligent system of public transportation in 2010 Shanghai Expo.
    6.Technology import for the Shanghai Center Overall Planning.
    7.Technology import for the plan of the underground street of Shanghai WuJiaoChang Area.
    8.Technology import for the design of Shanghai JinQiao Business Center.
    9.Comprehensive agency service for the overall planning and equipment import of the Phase II exhibition in Shanghai Science & Technology Museum.
    10.Comprehensive agency service for the architecture design and equipment import of Shanghai Cultural Plaza.

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